Real Food Collaborative gains and gives knowledge at conference

Cal Poly’s Real Food Collaborative club attended a conference Feb. 15-16 in Santa Cruz, which discussed ideas and suggestions for improvements of the functions of Real Food Collaborative clubs throughout the CSU system. The conference was open to all CSU schools and together worked on solutions and systems to getting healthy, more sustainable food options on campus.

What knowledge or tools where you able to gain from going to the conference?


First year nutrition major Petra Knapp attended the conference in Santa Cruz and believed the club gained a lot of useful skills, ideas and conversations at the conference. 

“Well, it was a leadership conference, so I feel like I got a lot of great skills on how to lead the group in the future, if I was interested in doing that, and also a lot of outreach skills like for using media to promote the cause and just meeting a bunch of people who are in the same situation trying to do the same thing for their CSU schools was really interesting.”

What did Cal Poly uniquely bring to this conference?


First year forestry and natural resources major Chris Daunt thought Cal Poly offered a distinct perspective  other schools benefited from.

“Cal Poly brought, well A) we brought the most people, so we had the most opinions I would say, and we had a lot to say about, well we have a lot of on-going projects, and I guess we’re farther along than a lot of the other schools.”

How can you see the knowledge gained at this conference being implemented into Cal Poly’s Real Food Collaborative club?


Freshman nutrition sciences major Brooke Holland also attended the conference and believes Cal Poly’s Real Food Collaborative club will be better equipped to proactively dealing with school food officials because of the information learned at the conference.

“So we learned a lot about campaigning, which I’m all super new to, so I think the main thing is getting the word out and being able to affectively talk to people of a broader position on our campus and work with them and allow them to know we are really passionate for this, take it one step at a time and know that we’re serious about this; this isn’t just a thing that like ‘oh whatever.’ We’re all super passionate about it, and just like really planning and finding the loopholes.”

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